Rachel was amazing. I was unsure about counselling at first but she was so good at listening. Rachel clarified things for me and I felt she was well suited to me. I would not feel worried about contacting her for further sessions in the future.

Thank you Rachel

- S

Rachel was a really good match for me. I found her online and found her to be extremely approachable . She made me feel comfortable and like I could say anything and feel anything. There was a complete openness to it.

Rachel raised some things that I needed to think about; She was really great. I felt I dealt with everything I went to sessions for and felt it was left at a really good point for now. I would definitely be back in touch for the future if I needed too.

Thank you Rachel.

- B

I felt like she was a really good match for me. She was welcoming and I felt relaxed straight away. I didn't get to do as many as I would of liked due to my move back home for a year, but the 5 sessions I did have I felt I made progress.

Rachel was amazing. Thank you Rachel so much, I also know I can come back if needed. I felt I had the best. I wasn't expecting to like counselling or feel relaxed but I really did.

Thank you so very much.

- A

I had a mixture of telephone and face-to-face sessions with Rachel where we explored various aspects of my life. There was no specific agenda and the sessions varied in their nature. After a number of sessions, we came to a natural point to press pause on the sessions which made a lot of sense and I was happy to. It was during this pause that, being a naturally slow burner that I suddenly realised one day, out of nowhere, what it was that I was missing in my life! This was a real eureka moment and was due to the sessions with Rachel. Thank you Rachel for your patience and understanding.

- M

I felt she was a great match. There were times in the sessions where it felt difficult but Rachel helped me stay focused and I felt safe.
The only thing I would change would be COVID so we could have had face to face sessions.

Thank you Rachel for the experience.

- J

Rachel was brilliant, flexible and extremely professional. She helped me a lot. She had a lovely manner.

I felt very well matched and will definitely be in touch in the future.

- P

Rachel was so easy to talk to. She made the process simple and explained it to me to a point I felt instantly comfortable.
I felt I could talk and share straight away with her. I felt safe and this was most important for me. We started at once a week then after a few months we went to every two weeks. The process was led by me and what I needed. This made me feel I had control over my own process. It was an amazing experience and I can't thank Rachel enough. I will definitely return in the future if I feel I needed further sessions. Ratcliffe Therapeutic Counselling left this open and up to me which makes it so comforting.

- Z

"I felt I was extremely well matched with Rachel as my counsellor, she was so lovely, easy to talk too and I could open up and explore all that I needed too. I couldn't of got through without her. I felt in good safe hands. Thank you Rachel you were amazing."

- C

"Rachel was sent to me at just the right time, She was the icing on the cake, a quick turn around and so eased me back into sessions. Rach was stunning, she challenged me which I needed as I was stuck, She gave me things to work on each week. I walk my dog more and I am doing a lot more self care. I can not thank Rachel enough. She has literally saved my life, thank you to all you do for people like myself."

- G

"Don't show emotions - I've heard it so much throughout my life. When I did feel like crying or I couldn't cope, I'd kick myself for being weak. Working with Rachel made me realise it's okay to ask for help. It doesn't make me any less of a man to have and show emotions."

- B

"The lady was really good and she certainly deserves a pat on the back. Through our conversations, she helped me to see things better and helped me to answer questions I hadn't been able to alone. She gave me the chance to reflect. It was what I needed."

- G

"Rachel was an amazing counsellor. I am very thankful for these sessions. They have helped me a lot."

- I

"My counsellor suited me perfectly and was gentle and down to earth. She gave me time to talk and really let it be my time. She wasn't patronising (like I thought most counsellors would be) which was a relief and I felt comforted. She has compassion and helped me to recognise the good parts of me, not by telling me, but by supporting me to explore things. Certain things we discussed changed my outlook on how I can move forwards and grow into the me I want to be. She was just really amazing."

- A

"Rachel was very good. She helped me so much. I could have kept going but wanted to work face to face and this wasn't available at the time. Please pass on how much Rachel helped me. There is nothing I could say that was negative. Thank you so much."

- D

"I thought it would take months of sessions but after my second session with Rachel I felt like I was walking around lighter. It was an incredible feeling to click with someone so quickly. I felt Rachel was extremely professional and listened so well."

- G

"I found Rachel was a lovely lady and easy to talk to. The sessions were so helpful. She was amazing. Thank you."

- A

"I couldn't say anything other than I got so much from my sessions and time with her. Please keep doing what you are doing, Rachel."

- A

"She was extremely approachable and friendly. She made the counselling so easy and helpful. I really benefited from my sessions. Thank you so much."

- V

"I really am so grateful for my time with Rachel. She is amazing in so many ways. She helped with sorting out my thoughts with past and immediate issues. I feel I am able to move forwards now with thanks to Rachel."

- J

"The sessions were really really beneficial. I couldn't have asked for more to be honest. Went in feeling like shit and now I am so upbeat. Rachel was so easy to talk to. Thank you again."

- R

"Rachel was lovely, truly lovely. She helped me so much. She gave me a lot of pointers to help me and they worked. She was excellent. If I needed it in the future, I'd only work with Rachel as she was super."

- L

"My counsellor was brilliant, so supportive and non-judgemental, just what I needed. I felt listened to and my sessions were like a safety blanket as Rachel was so good. Thank you for all you did."

- L

"She was very good, helpful and so patient. She has such a gentle voice I felt safe and comfortable with her. Thanks for being so patient with me."

- G

"What can I say - Rachel was just what I needed. I have had a lot go on in the past and counselling is what I needed. But I needed someone real, like blunt and honest and real. I got this with Rachel. She was amazing, brilliant, so thank you so much."

- E

"Rachel was lovely. We clicked and she really supported me. I felt listened to and she was easy to talk to. I found it easy to open up to her. Thank you."

- M