Video / Online Counselling Sessions

Our video / online counselling sessions take place in private and confidential offices, over secure end-to-end encrypted software.

  • Zoom: This option requires users to download a small bit of easy to use software before use.
  • Doxy.Me: This option does not require any downloading of software for you to use it.

The rooms are large and spacious, and even though we are not meeting in person, we have the ability to move furniture to a more suitable position depending on your sensory needs. If this is required, it is important you have informed your counsellor of this prior to the beginning of the session as some of our team use offices that cannot be moved about.

Our fully trained and specialised teamwork in a number of different ways and with different tools. If you are looking to engage in art therapy, we can deliver guided art therapy sessions. The available art options are reduced due to the online method.

Your session is not recorded unless you specifically request it to be. If you would like this, please ensure you request this from your counsellor prior to your session.

Due to the online nature, we work with anyone across the country. No matter where you are, we are here for you.

For clients who have bought the "Basic To Base" package, you have the option to have video, or telephone sessions when deployed.

Video / Online Counselling

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If you feel you may benefit from Video / Online Counselling, please get in touch.
We are happy to discuss your needs further if you are unsure where to start.

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